Stephanie greatly reduced my stress and anxiety prior to any procedures and surgery.

"Stephanie was a blessing in my time of shock, confusion and need. I was  diagnosed with breast cancer at a time when no family was near to help.  She was the first person I thought of to help me through my consult with my Oncologist. Being so nervous, I knew I wouldn't be able to focus to really hear or understand, much less what to expect or what questions to ask. She DID NOT hesitate to accompany me on this visit....Stephanie then explained the specific details to my family and let them know what to expect. She greatly reduced my stress and anxiety prior to any procedures and surgery. I am, and will be eternally, grateful to her. There are always people that come into your life and make a difference and Stephanie was that person for me when I needed it most."
- MS

Stephanie played a key role....so that I could focus on my recovery and healing.

"It is without hesitation that I recommend Stephanie Martirani for patient support and advocacy. Stephanie played a key role in managing care for me during two different surgeries and hospital stays. Stephanie has a keen sense of anticipating needs, asking intelligent questions and communicating respectfully and effectively with all stakeholders. It was clear that the hospital physicians and staff appreciated her presence and professionalism. Most helpful to me was knowing that I had someone managing my paperwork, prescription pick up, and discharge notes all while keeping my family updated so that I could focus on my recovery and healing."


Stephanie is highly skilled in... knowing how to navigate the complicated medical system

"Stephanie is fantastic! I had incredible peace of mind & comfort knowing that she was taking care of my mom (& dad) after my mom’s surgery....Stephanie is highly skilled in patient care advocacy & knowing how to navigate the complicated medical system,...attending critical doctor appointments, physical therapy sessions, & rehab evaluation meetings. Not only was Stephanie there to help my parents understand & ask questions, but she would also provide my family with extremely detailed notes after each important meeting, documenting what the doctor or therapist had said, things to watch for, & recommended next steps. It saved me a lot of time & frustration not having to call the medical staffs personally or try to understand all that happened in the appointments by only talking to my  parents."
- PR

She's a great listener & provided...thorough & unbiased opinions about things to consider....

"At a time when our Family had several life changing events happening concurrently with our aged parents, we were at a loss of what to do next. So many options, so many rules, so many insurance companies to deal with. It’s at that time that we turned to Stephanie. She helped us talk through what our options were to make a better situation out of a difficult one. She’s a great listener and provided what I thought was thorough and unbiased opinions about things to consider....I felt very comfortable with Stephanie and trusted her every step along the way. I’d definitely return to Stephanie in the future should we need assistance, and would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my family or friends."    
- KL

...your guidance set us on the right track.

"Your advice was super helpful...Thank you again for all of your advice. We were at a loss when it all first happened and your guidance set us on the right track." 

- KR

Her support, compassion, empathy helped guide us through a very trying time.

  "When our mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma we immediately reached out to Stephanie for guidance.  Certainly, what I didn’t understand was everything that followed; managing all the appointments, the unfamiliar terminology, the challenges of navigating various types of physicians and the services they and their staff provide, hearing and understanding all her medications, all while trying to jot down and retain some fairly complex treatment programs, examinations and their content.  Stephanie was there for us through the entire treatment regimen and steadfastly documented much of what I may have missed otherwise.  Her support, compassion, empathy helped guide us through a very trying time.  We shared tears and at times very lengthy discussions around Mom's treatment and well being.  Equally important was the occasional laughter that we managed to share between the heaviness of circumstances, which helped defuse the weariness of Mom's chemotherapy infusions. We were blessed to have Stephanie with us! Mom and family will be forever grateful!"

- DD