Patient Advocate & Aging Ally

Navigating the Healthcare System & Eldercare Options with You

With you every step of the way


Medical Appointment and Hospital Support

When you're at a medical appointment it's hard to remember to ask all the important questions and take notes at the same time.  This is magnified for a new or serious diagnosis. To lessen that stress we can be your note taker and someone to ensure you ask your questions and digest the information. During hospital stays it can be confusing to remember key information and discharge instructions. Age Smart Advocates is there for you.


Housing and Care Transitions

Whether hospital discharge to rehab, going from independent living to in-home care and support, or moving to assisted living, memory care, or a board and care home, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Age Smart Advocates will look at options with you and your family, visit facilities together, and help find the best match for you. Need help developing end-of-life planning and paperwork such as advanced healthcare directive, healthcare power of attorney? Age Smart Advocates can help with that too.


Family Support

Loved ones who don't live nearby? Maybe you can't always be there for them, or they can't be with you. As your patient advocate, Age Smart Advocates can keep your family in the loop and in the know. When a family member struggles with health challenges or a transition, Age Smart Advocates can be your eyes and ears to relay information, facilitate needs, and help address concerns.