Why Patient Advocacy?

  Stephanie has been where you are. Maybe not the exact circumstances, but she's felt the feelings of stress, exhaustion, guilt, fear, doubt, and overwhelming emotion.  

She believed there must be a better way. So she went back to school to increase her knowledge base, helped more friends with various needs to gain experience, and founded Age Smart Advocates. 

 Now she is taking what she has learned to make your journey a bit easier, and your burden a bit lighter. 

Stephanie Martirani, BCPA


Stephanie is a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA), and earned a Certificate in Health Advocacy from UC Berkeley Extension. She also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco.

Stephanie is an active member of the Alliance for Professional Health Advocates (APHA) and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy (NAHAC).

In 2006 Stephanie started advocating for family members after a series of critical post-surgery complications and dire diagnoses. There were so many questions, few clear answers, and a lot of emotional roller coasters. 

Soon Stephanie started going to medical appointments with friends to ensure they asked their questions and to take notes. As an adult child with elderly parents, helping others support their aging family members was a natural fit. Finding senior housing solutions, connecting families with resources, keeping those out of the area informed of their loved one's condition in surgery, the hospital, rehab, assisted living, or at home are all ways she could provide peace of mind.

More than 25 years in the business sector honed Stephanie's communication, problem solving, project management, continuous improvement and conflict resolution skills. She prides herself on being a patient, persistent, problem solver and looks forward to putting her knowledge and passion to work for you.